Marie-Ange Faugérolas has been a prolific writer for nearly twenty years. Renowned in France for her meticulous and impassioned period dramas that feature powerful female protagonists, her first book titled Conspiracy Against Ramses III (1997) was translated throughout Europe.

She published 12 novels in France before relocating to America where she specializes in self-help and spiritual work. She is best known in America for her book Angels: The Definitive Guide published by Penguin Random House for which she was invited in 40 different radios. 
Throughout her entire career, Marie-Ange enjoyed writing in different mediums and different genres, from novels to short stories, plays, comedy sketches, and screenplays.

Her short-films have been nominated in Academy-Awards® qualifying festivals and have played in more than 20 cities.
In 2003, she won the Jury Award of the Literary Prize organized by the Ministry of Interior of France for Le Quadrille des Épatants. Her biography of Théophile Gautier won the Award of Excellence at the Étretat Literary competition.
She made guest appearances on France largest television channels during prime time (TF1, France 2, Canal +) for her book on abusive relationships, gave lectures at the University of Quebec and the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Her books are in the libraries of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford amongst others.