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Story: In 1967, when a 10 year old girl refuses to go to school, she is arbitrary sent to a psychiatric hospital and must survive the maltreatments.

What is the film about? Alice is based on real events. We are telling an emotional tale that transformed the life of an innocent child. Born in an average family with no apparent issues,Alice must find her way in the world with a careless mother and a quiet father. The film focuses on her experiences at a mental hospital and her will to survive this journey.


A SOCIAL MOVIE More than 3 million reports of child maltreatment are received by state and local agencies each year—that is nearly 6 reports every minute. We are fighting for: – The Recognition of Emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) – Denouncing the arbitrary maltreatments, abuses and cruelty that have happened in mental institutions around the world. – Revealing THE TRUE STORY of an unlucky child struggling for survival in a horrific mental institution and a society having issues dealing with out-of-the-box personality.

THE TEAM (more details on Alice’s IMDb page) Directed by Geoffroy Faugérolas Produced by Alena Burova Written by  Marie-Ange Faugerolas Cinematography by Jack Elliott Art Directing & Music by Matt Milan Production Design by Sergey Kalvarskiy Co-produced by Camila Medeiros

Public Relations: Contact our representatives in your area for screenings, DVD’s, info… Alena Burova – USA / Russia ( Geoffroy Faugérolas – USA / Worldwide ( Paule Li Jo – UK / Europe ( Gerault De Marion – France / Europe (

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THE CAST (click on the pictures for details)

      Masha Malinina – Mary           Carryl Lynn – The Psychiatrist             Metra Dee – Nurse
   Jonathon Tyler Ford – David              Alysa Schulz – Mother             John C. Epperson – Father

THE LOCATION Alice is one of the last films to be shoot in Linda Vista Community Hospital before it is turned into condos. A place full of memories and tragic incidents, Linda Vista was the perfect match for the filmmakers. The location plays out as a character in itself, an antagonist that captures children and confronts them in their darkest hours.