News & Awards


September 25th: Veronica Faisant Show 7.30-9.00pm PST KPFA 94.1 FM (LIVE)
September 28th: Cosmic Conversations with Marla Martenson
October 5th: Conscious Talk with Brenda & Rob 7.00am PST KKNW 1150 AM (LIVE)
November 8th: A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran 1.00-2.00pm Share Wisdom TV (LIVE)

January 7th: Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold
January 9th: Positive Talk with Jeremy McDonald
January 19th: Healthy Life Net Radio with Linda MacKenzie
January 20th at 4:00pm (PST): Guys’ Guy Radio with Robert Manni (LIVE)
January 26th:  The Pat Show with Dr Pat Bacili 10 am PST KKNW 1150 Seattle WA (LIVE)
February 10th at 2 pm: Conversations with Cupid with Marla Martenson
March 3rd: Zone show with Tom Evans
March 4th: Strategies for Living! with David McMillian 7am PST
March 12th: Temple of Health with Susan Kolb M.D 9-10am PST
March 14th: Voice America, Positive Living with Patricia Raskin 11-30 to 12.30 PST
March 16th: Masterful choices with Monique Chapman 5 to 6 PST
March 28th: Dr. Leslie Show 8.30 to 9 PST
May 11th: Guy’s Guy’s Guide to Love with Robert Manni 4PM PST

November 3rd at 3pm(PST): PoweredUp with Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin (LIVE)

November 9th: Transitions to Transformations with Reverend Sue Sabella
November 17th: The Donna Seebo Show with Donna Seebo (LIVE)
November 19th at 5 to 7 pm: The Hundredth Monkeys with Tom Kappenman
November 21st at 4pm(PST):  InterViews & InterActions with Linda Strasberg (LIVE)

November 22nd at 7:30(PST): The Week Starts Here with Veronica Faisant (LIVE)
November 23rd at 5 to 7 pm transitions to transformation Reverend Sue Sabella (LIVE)

November 25th: To The Stars Through Adversity with Svetlana Kim
November 26th at 1am(EST): The Ray Carr Show with Ray Carr (LIVE)

November 27th: Bringing Inspiration To Earth with Robert Sharpe 
November 28th:God Talk Radio with Andrew Wyant and Douglas Thorpe
November 29th at 10am(PST), 1am(UK): The Moore Show with Kevin Moore (LIVE)
December 1st at 7pm(PST)Grimerica Show with Darren Grimes and Graham Dunlap (LIVE)

December 2nd at 11am:New Consciousness Review with Myriam Knight
December 3rd at 1pm: There’s a Rock for That with Mary Brown
December 5th at 8:35am (PST): Exploring the Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Holborn 

December 6th at 6pm (PST): Intuitive Transformations with Sylvia Henderson (LIVE)
December 8th at 12pm: Frontiers Beyond Fears with Susan Danz

December 10th at 11 am: Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler
December 14th: The Nancy Ferrari Show

December 17th: Living your Inspired Life with Susan Burell



November 20   Santa Barbara (Ayni Gallery – 216 State Street, CA 93101) 5.30 to 7.30 pm
December   5   Ventura (Bank of Books – 748 E Main St, CA 93001) 11am to 1 pm
January 9   Malibu (Bank of Books – 29169 Heathercliff Rd # 109, CA 90265) 2pm to 4pm
February 18  Santa Barbara (1908 Bath St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101) with a talk and Q&A 5pm

March 5   Santa Monica  Barnes and Noble, 1201 3rd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401 12-4 pm


New Spirit Journal: Angels Review (2015)
Beliefnet: Angels of colors (2015)
Publishers Weekly: The Rise of Angels (2015)
Attune Magazine: Everything You Want to Know About Angels (2015)
The Examiner: A True Story of Russian Civil War (2014)

The Moscow Times: The Romanovs (2014)
LazyDog Films: Alice. Reviewed  4/4* (2014)
Cinelinx: Alice, A Dark Tale of Spiritual Strength. Reviewed 8/10 (2014)
Cinelinx: The Tsarevich, A Film To Keep an Eye on. Reviewed 9/10 (2014)
Mayo Communications: Alice, The Mystical Journey of an Abused Child (2014)
[Fr] Screening of Alice in Montréal, Quartier des spectacles. (2014)

Alice is Official Selection at the  22nd Raindance Film Festival (BAFTA® / Academy Award® Qualifying) (2014)
Alice is Official Selection at the 45th Montreal World Film Festival (FIAPF / Academy Award® Qualifying) (2014)
Alice is Official Selection at the Idyllwild International Film Festival (2014)
The Tsarevich is Official Selection at the Cinerockom Intl. Film Festival (5 nominations) (2014)
The Tsarevich is Official Selection at the Idyllwild International Film Festival (2014)
The Tsarevich is Official Selection at the Manhattan Film Festival (2014)
The Tsarevich is Official Selection at the Russia Abroad Film Festival (2014)

AWARDS (selective list)

[Fr] Jury Award – Literary Prize of the French National Gendarmerie for Le Quadrille Des Épatants (2000)
[Fr] Historical Award – Literary Prize of the city of Étretat for Théophile Gautier, l’homme des femmes (2002)


[SP] El Periodico:  Conspiracion Contra Ramses III (French Translation) (1997)
[Fr] Ici Paris: Un Fol Amour Indien (2006)

[Fr] Presses De La Manche: Marie-Ange veut croire à la vie (2006)
[Fr] Le Journal de La Manche: Marie-Ange rêve toujours du grand amour (2006)
[Fr] Paris Normandie: Secrets de famille (2005)

[Fr] L’Impartial: Marie-Ange vous raconte les Amants de Siwa (2005)
[Fr] Coté Femme: Course au trésor (2004)
[Fr] Biographie: Marie-Ange révèle Théophile Gautier (2002)
[Fr] Télé Loisirs: Épatant! (1999)

[Fr] Dinard – Pays de Rance: Une histoire du Second Empire (1999)
[Fr] Le Monde: Tour du monde en 26 romans. (1996)
[Fr] L’Indépendant: Les romancièrs de l’Égypte. (1996) 

[Fr] Le Bien Public: Oeuvres Égyptiennes (1996)
[Fr] Le Commercial Du Gard: Après Ramses II, La décadence (1996)
[Fr] Le Filon Égyptien (Progrès, Tribune, Lyon Matin) (1996)
[Fr] Le Télégramme: Livres Nouveaux (1996)
[Fr] Le Quotidien Jurassien: Complot Sur Le Nil (1996)
[Fr] L’Aisne Nouvelle: J’ai lu pour vous (1996)
[Fr] Ciné Téle Revue: Le Complot (1996)
[Fr] La Montage: Complot Sur Le Nil Revue (1996)
[Fr] Les Petites Affiches: L’Alphabet de Byblos (1996)
[Fr] L’Est Républicain: Fauteuil Voyageur (1996)
[Fr] DL Magazine: Interview with Marie-Ange Faugerolas (1996)
[Fr] Le Républicain Lorrain: l’histoire comme si vous y étiez (1996)
[Fr] Le Journal du Périgord: Marie-Ange Faugerolas (1996)
[Fr] Le Monde Des Livres: L’Égypte réstituée (1996)
[Fr] l’Express: À lire également (1996)
[Fr] Télérama: Egyptomania (1996)
[Ar] Al-Haram: Egyptian review of Complot sur le Nil (1997)
[Fr] Le Méridional: Complot en Egypte (1996)
[Fr] Tribune de Geneve: Roman Historique (1996)
[Fr] Sud Ouest: Entre Nil et Dronne (1996)
[Fr] Culture Folies: Le succès de l’Égypte (1996)
[Fr] L’Action Française : Lus Aussi Page 2 (1996)
[Fr] La Croix Du Midi: Quel Roman! (1996)